Who Else Is Misleading Us About How to Increase Breast Size Naturally?

Introducing How to Increase Breast Size Naturally

With the total amount of information about the online today, it’s simple to get tips about how to boost your breast size naturally. If you’re ready to boost your breast size and possess the full breasts you’ve been wanting for years, it’s time to try out a few of the organic herbal breast enlargement products which are now widely offered. If you wish to grow the size of your breast, there are varieties of alternatives to select from. At this time you can boost breast size at home easily by using Apex Miracle Bust by means of Big B-36 oil. Today, it’s very normal for women to raise their breast size without going through breast implant surgeries! If you’re looking for a fast and efficient method to boost your bust size, Breast Enlargement Cream is the thing to do.

A History of How to Increase Breast Size Naturally Refuted

For your brain to generate prolactin you need to stimulate your breasts and your nipples. Breasts are predominantly composed of fatty tissue, so every time a woman loses weight, it’s frequently one of the very first places that is affected. If you are searching for ways to cultivate your breasts in proportion, an organic bust serum is the smartest choice. If you ended up with small breasts, there isn’t anything you can do in order to create the estrogen generated by your body to keep on increasing your breasts following this period.

Whispered How to Increase Breast Size Naturally Secrets

You can improve your breasts by exercising. It is able to make your breast saggy sooner than you predicted. It Apex Miracle will use to  aid you breast to continue being healthier and attain its highest growth rate. Now, breast implant and other surgical ways to boost breast size are typical. Your breasts won’t only increase but they will take superior forms. In addition to stimulating the growth of breast tissue and make they firmer, these products promote a healthy wellbeing. If you’ve got small breasts due to genetics, it might be tricky to boost your breast size.

The Tried and True Method for How to Increase Breast Size Naturally in Step by Step Detail

If you really need to increase breast size you ought to make sure you are eating organic meats and vegetables which are free from pesticides. If you wish to boost your breast size naturally there are low-cost ways you could make your breasts look bigger and fuller. For that reason, it would not then should understand how to boost breast size naturally. There are some additional approaches you may improve your breast size without having surgery. The secondary advantage of this breast massage and that’s why it is but one of the best advice about how to increase breast size through massage is the fact that it can help to stimulate breast tissue which may result in an increase in breast size. Our breast size is dependent on a group of factors. It’s always a good idea to get the right size of breast and cup.

The Argument About How to Increase Breast Size Naturally

With the exception of surgery there is simply one sure fire way to raise the size of your breasts and that’s to take herbal supplements. If your size isn’t too small and not too large, it pretty much suggests you have a mean breast size. Even though it is thought that a woman can’t alter the size of her breasts, after puberty, there are approaches to grow the breast size in numerous ways.

What Is The Other Woman’s Perception Of The Wife?

So often I hear scenarios like I keep picking the wrong person over and over again to be in a relationship with. I’m a failure when it comes to relationships. Or, I’ve had four failed marriages and I’m not going for a fifth. Or, I’m a loser when it comes to relationships. So why bother trying again. How can I be so successful at work and be such a loser when it comes to women? Men?

Meetings of adult children from dysfunctional family systems are full of participants that can rattle off and analyze compelling reasons why their numerous relationships don’t work out leaving them feeling not good enough, adequate enough, loveable enough or in some way just not worth it. What this does is heighten the shame each already carries and reinforces being defined as a loser and a failure.

I remember the great cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead when asked why all her marriages failed responded by saying “I beg your pardon I have had three marriages and None of them was a failure”. I don’t think that most couples that marry today are mature enough for marriage. I stand by that. At the same time I don’t consider any person in a relationship, mature or immature, a failure at relationships. I do believe relationships do change form. They all will and sometimes it means it’s time to move on.

Anyone who was ever a success at anything just didn’t get that way overnight. My career was that of a family therapist. I was in private practice. In a joking way and with a lot of honesty, as well, I often asked clients when they were stuck in judging themselves harshly in regard to relationships, why do you think we in private practice call it a practice? It took years of successes with clients and so-called errors in judgment to be considered a success in my field. It takes perseverance and time to succeed at anything, including relationships. The point being, are you willing to learn and grow and let go of the harsh judgment?

Relationships work as long as they work and all relationships change form. Sometimes people stay together as the relationship changes its form and sometimes they part company. When I look back at relationships that I had prior to meeting my husband Tom, I realize that even though when one or the other in the coupleship decided to move on and there was pain, it was the pain or the problem(s) that led up to the pain, that always gave me an opportunity to strengthen my connection for my emotional and spiritual growth. I could have beaten myself up with what a failure I was, as many do, or I could have looked at what my role was and what I could have done better and then decide to change my ways.

In one relationship I rationalized not sweating the little stuff to excess. In other words, I simply let too much go that bothered me and what do you suppose happened. Eventually the negative energy that had been building up inside of me began seeping out and it wasn’t always pretty when it came out. When my inner pressure cooker really exploded he decided I wasn’t for him. That was when I took my first workshop in assertiveness training and learned how to be honest in my relationships so whomever I was with didn’t lose their dignity when I had an irritant. Some future relationships appreciated my honesty; some didn’t and didn’t stay around. That didn’t make me a failure or loser. It just meant the one I wanted hadn’t shown up yet.

I’m a big believer in The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. (other people, places, things)The courage to change the things I can. (me)

And, the wisdom to know the difference.

You see I believe maturing in a relationship is about having the willingness to take a look at your role when things aren’t going well and making the changes you need to make to clean up your side of the street. It’s responsible, it’s also loving and it’s definitely a step forward even if it takes you a lot of tries until you finally get the best outcome.

I didn’t sweat the small stuff with this particular person for more than a year and for more than a year there were several aspects that worked really well. We had fun and for a year we enjoyed each others company. However, the not so healthy thing that worked for a while, while I dated this man, was what led to the problems that required change. I got to have the illusion, like the words in the song by Billy Joel, “I Love You Just The Way You Are”. In the beginning, when we were in the honeymoon stage of our relationship those little irritants seemed like no big deal and I probably swallowed them down with a chocolate chip cookie refusing to be honest even with me. Doing that made me look and feel like such a nice easy-going person that truly led me to believe he was really lucky to have me as his girlfriend. I didn’t have to deal with being told “no”, becoming a nag, or getting rejected. Neither of us had to learn how to deal with conflict. I denied my own needs and desires to look good in his eyes and mine. In those days I would do whatever I had to do to avoid a conflict. Today, I truly believe what makes or breaks a relationship is how well couples deal with conflict.

In today’s world a relationship that starts out fun can change form just because each individual has a different idea on where the relationship is to go. He may want to get his career stabilized and she may be ready to say I do and have a baby. If they part ways does this make them failures? I don’t think so.

A person that stays in a relationship with a blamer, a control freak, a couch potato, an abuser, a bore, or an addict of any kind has their good reason for staying in that relationship too. This is why I say relationships work for as long as they work. Dr. Phil quite often asks his guests when they describe their conflicts in their relationships “how’s that working for you? Inevitably they say “not very well” but the truth is something is working well or they would change the form of the relationship. It may be something as simple as they know how bad, “bad” is in the relationship as it is and don’t know how bad, “bad” might be if they made a change and change may be more frightening so they stay with familiarity. They may believe they don’t deserve better or can’t do better and putting up with the way it is feeds that belief.

The purpose of all relationships is to learn and grow and sometimes mustering up the courage toward changing our ways can take several attempts and sometimes it may take a while to get started. But you are not a loser if at first you don’t see progress. It just means you may have a little more to learn or some belief is in your way that doesn’t serve you. The important thing is to not give power to a harsh judgment that shames you and if what you are doing isn’t working to your liking and you don’t see a way to correct it, you can always find a qualified professional to help you. I’m all for never giving up on loving yourself and asking for help when needed.

Relationship Advice – Are Your Relationship Needs Being Met?

A solid relationship is based on the principle of “give and take”. In other words, you don’t take more from a relationship than you can and are willing to give back. This keeps a healthy balance between the two partners and helps to maintain harmony. But what happens if one partner’s needs are not being met? What does it mean; how should you react to your partner then, and what should you do about it?

Sometimes, an individual might be bringing some of the problem on themselves. One common behavior is a partner does not always voice what their needs are. Therefore, if your partner doesn’t truly understand exactly what your needs are then how can you expect them to know what needs they are supposed to be meeting? They’re not mind readers.

While this is not meant to throw the blame onto you, it does show the importance of being vocal as far as what your needs are. Sometimes, it is just a matter of speaking up. If nothing else, it serves as a reminder to your partner.

There are times when your needs aren’t being met on purpose. In this or these instances, there is or are other underlying problems being expressed by your partner deliberately ignoring your needs in order to hurt you. This requires delving deeper into the underlying cause so it can be addressed asap.

But most of the time, when someone’s needs are not being met it is an unintentional gesture. A partner is usually not aware they are not meeting their partner’s needs. It isn’t being done out of spite or resentment, but is purely accidental or even due to thoughtlessness.

Since we all have different needs, it is impossible to say what is effective in one relationship will be in another couples relationship. Some people require more attention and connection than others. This is not to be confused with being needy, but rather forms a basis of their needs and how important they are to their intimate partner.

In order to achieve true happiness in a relationship and take the opportunity to remain close, it is vital to sit down as a couple and talk over what your needs are on a regular basis. Allowing negativity to fester and build without being vocal is not healthy. As needs change, these changes have to be voiced so it doesn’t appear as if they are being ignored or cast aside. Expressing needs are essential to a good relationship. Keeping them to yourself will only cause problems.

Seven Secrets of Happy Commuter Couples

Couple at the restaurant

When I was growing up, I always pictured myself in the “storybook” marriage with my spouse and me coming home from a long day’s work to share stories around the dinner table and relax on the couch. But, like many other American families, our reality turned out very different from this fantasy when I was asked to accept a job promotion which would take me 1,500 miles from my husband.

In 1999, I was working for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., as the Executive Director of one of their subsidiary corporations, MMSI (Mayo Management Services, Inc.). I was happy in my role, but had aspired to serve in a more senior position long-term. When I was asked to consider a role in Mayo’s Phoenix, Arizona, location, I was thrilled professionally, but not certain if or how I could take on the new position since my husband was a professor at Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota and would not be able to re-locate to Arizona with me.

I went home and discussed the opportunity with my hubby. We talked about the positive aspects of me taking on this new position-how it was a huge step forward for me professionally, how it would position me for bigger and better things and how it would be great to have a place to stay in Phoenix, since it was our ultimate goal to live there in the future. At the same time, neither of us was excited about the prospect of not being together on a daily basis. Uprooting my husband from his career was just not an option. So, we decided we needed to find a way for me to accept the promotion while my husband remained in the job he loved.

Little did we know at the time that this dilemma would be replayed several more times in our married lives as we began our journey as a “commuter couple” – a couple living apart for long periods of time.

After much discussion and soul searching, I did accept the position in Arizona and ended up commuting 1,500 miles in each direction between there and Minnesota for seven years. Plus, we were a commuter couple for two more years when my husband retired to Arizona from his job in Minnesota. This occurred when I could not join him in Arizona because by then, I was the Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of the entire Mayo Clinic system-which was a Minnesota based position.

I decided the best way to address the commuter-couple challenge was to use and apply the leadership and management skills I had acquired as a healthcare executive to the situation, creating a list of “Seven Secrets of Happy Commuter Couples” that I learned along the way:

1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate – Talk with your spouse, your children, other members of the family, friends, your employer, colleagues and employees. It is vital that you share your goals, strategies and challenges for home and work. From the beginning to the end of our commuter-couple odyssey, I had to negotiate with my family and employer about how best to meet all their needs without totally losing my sanity. Open communications about what was working-as well as what was not working-allowed me to make adjustments along the way.

2. Prioritize – Be clear about what is most important to you personally, to your spouse and other loved ones and to your employer. Understand which events are “command performances” (those that cannot be missed) versus “nice to do”. If my employer needed me to stay in Arizona for a weekend event, it was up to me to juggle my calendar and to find ways to adjust my personal obligations. For instance, when my grandchildren were to receive their First Communions, I considered those to be a command performance and did what was necessary to be sure I could attend. I was generally able to work things out, but did have to negotiate a compromise from time to time.

3. Plan – For the best circumstances, the worst circumstances and everything in between and have a backup plan in place. When things were going smoothly, I was able to work in Arizona Monday through Friday and still be home with my husband in Minnesota for the weekend; however, I had backup plans and people I could call upon when unforeseen events occurred. For instance, I was back in Minnesota for a long weekend when a huge blizzard hit the Midwest. I had left our two dogs with the dog sitter at our house in Arizona, but she could not stay with them for the additional days it would take for the snowstorm to end and me to fly back. I needed to implement Plan B, resulting in the dog sitter taking the dogs to a kennel, and me picking them up after work several days later. Not ideal-but it worked. Another time, I had to ask a friend to deal with repairmen when there was a water leak in the Arizona laundry room and I had to be in Minnesota for meetings.

4. Manage Time – I had always been the keeper of our family calendar. Juggling the family, social and work obligations was a challenge when my husband and I were in the same town, but became much more difficult as I was spending big blocks of time flying across the country. I quickly learned that I had to be even more diligent in how I managed and prioritized my own time and the precious time I had with my husband and family. I developed a rolling twelve-month master calendar, on which I penciled in the top priority family and work events months in advance. As soon as I became aware of a meeting or special occasion, it went on the calendar, to only be removed if a higher priority obligation replaced it.

On a daily basis, I tightly controlled my calendar of work and outside activities so that I could maximize my time in the office and on airplanes, while handling other normal daily activities. I had to compress and accomplish five days’ work in four days, and two days of typical weekend activities in one day, in order to make my journey from Minnesota to Arizona productive.

5. Get Help! – After a few months of commuting to Arizona, it was clear that I could not keep doing all the things I had done in the past. So, I looked around at home and at work with a critical eye to see which things only I could do versus what tasks I could delegate or share with others. This led us to hire someone to clean the house and to handle some of our yard work in Minnesota. It also forced me to delegate more work duties to others. I had always thought I was good at delegation, but I quickly learned how to be crystal clear on what only I could do.

6. Don’t Feel Guilty – Because I am a perfectionist, I had to learn to not feel guilty about almost everything. It bothered me that my house in Arizona or apartment in Minnesota was not spotless; that I wasn’t able to attend a friend’s party; and that I wasn’t always absolutely prepared for every meeting and discussion at work. Invariably, there would be an issue or minor crisis at home when I was in Arizona and at work when I was back in Minnesota. I was driving myself crazy until I finally came to terms with the fact that I did not have to singlehandedly resolve every problem. In fact, by not trying to rescue everyone and everything, it allowed others to grow and learn.

7. Re-evaluate From Time to Time – I was working in Arizona on the fateful Tuesday in September 2001 when the World Trade Center was destroyed. Normal airline service and other forms of transportation were halted. It was clear that I would not be going back to Minnesota for the foreseeable future. This caused my husband and me tremendous anxiety and forced us to take stock of our decision for me to commute. It also led us to be even clearer about our commitment to each other first and foremost, to our famil, and to understand that work is important, but not the only consideration.

I am happy to report that our marriage survived and my husband and I are finally living together. I retired from Mayo Clinic at the end of 2013 and joined my husband in Arizona. The sudden, unexpected deaths of my father and a close friend caused us to re-evaluate our situation once again and to decide that it was time to be together on a full-time basis. We did not want to wake up one day and realize that we had lost precious “together” time, now that we were both in our sixties. What was important to us when we were in our forties and fifties had changed now that we were older.

As I reflect on my commuter-couple experience, I think of some of the positive aspects; such as the ability to clearly focus on work when I was away from home, to enjoy some of the perks of frequent air travel and the satisfaction of being able to accept a promotion that positioned me for my ultimate career goals. I found that my time with my husband, family and friends was even more meaningful and appreciated. Absence did “make the heart grow fonder”.

At the same time, I must admit that there were times when I was very lonely and wished I had a “normal” life. It was difficult to return to an empty house each night with my “to go” order of food from the neighborhood chain restaurant. Even though my husband and I talked several times each day, the phone calls did not begin to replace the free flowing banter that we would enjoy when we were together. We missed the spontaneous hugs and glances across the room that reinforced our love for each other.

I have talked with many other men and women who are living the commuter couple lifestyle. Some are dual career professionals such as myself; others are traveling to pursue job opportunities away from home due to the poor economy; and some have spouses in the military. In all cases, they are working out strategies and solutions to fit their circumstances. It requires a constant “give and take” to find the right balance for all affected by the commute. It is particularly challenging when children are involved.

Why Cross Cultural Relationships Are a Good Thing


heartCross cultural relationships, by definition, are relations involving two individuals who belong to different cultures. Although people tend to focus more on the negative aspects of this kind of relationship, in this article I will show how cultural diversity can be a good thing for two people willing to spend their whole lives together.

The first advantage of such a relationship is that it never gets boring. There are so many things you can learn from somebody whose culture is different from yours and in turn, they can learn a lot from your culture. Think of all the fun you can have in teaching and learning. Thus, when you see other couples around you searching for words you will be thankful you do not have to go through the same.

Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy both kinds of cultural events with your partner. This will help eliminate the cultural gap between both of you and enable you to understand each other more effectively. You will cease to be a stereotype of your own culture and be able to experience new events with your partner.

There is no better way to test and enhance your patience than entering into a cross cultural relationship. As there might be many things in the other person’s culture different and opposite to your own culture, you will learn to celebrate differences instead of just tolerating them.

Although many people see child rearing as a great problem in a cross cultural relationship, it is not as big a dilemma. Children who grow up in such an environment are able to develop very good linguistic skills as they can learn different languages from an early age. They will be lucky to enjoy more holidays than other children and learn about different customs. Later, they can see whichever culture suits them best and adapt to it. Even if they wish to blend in both cultures, this should not be seen as a problem. Your children will learn how to respect all kinds of cultures and emerge as excellent citizens of the society.

In the process of celebrating differences and learning about another culture, you will begin to see a way in between and find that no one is right or wrong, it is just that people have different point of views. This will change your view about life and make you more open- minded and unbiased towards your own culture.

How to Catch Your Partner If They’re Having an Affair


You’ve had a sneaky suspicion for a while that your partner is having an affair and being unfaithful. You haven’t done anything about it as you’re scared it might be true and you’d have to face up to the fact he or she is playing away with someone else.

But the thing is, are you going to just leave things as they are and never know if they are cheating on you, or are you going to do something about it?

You may take the easy route and just ignore the situation and hope it goes away, but most partners need to know the truth and can’t stand the thought of being made a fool of, so most decide to take action and look for proof.

This can either put your mind to rest if you don’t find any evidence, or on the other hand, it can break your heart if your suspicions turn out to be true.

So, how do you go about finding the proof of their affair?

You could consider hiring a private detective if you’ve got money to spare. But their professional fees can be expensive, especially if it’s a lengthy process and they can’t find any evidence immediately of your partner’s cheating activities.

If you’re like most people and just don’t have the funds to pay a detective then why not do some investigating yourself?

The best place to start is with your partner’s cell phone. Very few people let their cell phones out of their sight, and I’m betting your partner isn’t any different. This method of communication is especially popular with individuals conducting illicit affairs who need total privacy.

As phone companies are required to log all calls you’ll find it quite easy to go into the settings section of the phone. There you’ll see the numbers received and the ones being sent. It shouldn’t take you too long to make a note of these numbers and see some kind of pattern.

Often cheating spouses call their lovers at very odd times, either very early in the morning and/or very late at night after the family has gone to bed. So, even if you can’t work out who the suspicious number belongs to, you’ll see the times of day the number has been called. This is generally a strong indication something isn’t quite right.

Also, be wary if they change the way they are billed for their cell phone. For example, if they normally receive a paper version of the bill delivered to their home by post, then all of a sudden they decide to change their account to the online billing method only, without any explanation, then this can also be further proof they are trying to hide something from you.

How To Use Technology To Catch a Cheating Spouse

Businessman walking into bedroom and finding couple in bed

If you’ve suspected your spouse is cheating on you then you have two options, either you find the proof for yourself or you ask them outright.

Asking them outright might get to the bottom of their behavior once and for all, but do you have enough evidence to back up your accusation?

One way to do this is to use modern technology to catch them out once and for all, which ironically is often the medium cheating spouses use to cheat on their partners. But it’s not as hard as you think, and you don’t have to have a degree in computer science either.

How they use their cell phone will be big indicator of what they are up to. They may change their tone of voice while speaking on the phone when you walk into a room.

Or perhaps they seem to be phoning their friends more than usual, but they’re using monotone answers like, “Yes”, “No” or “OK” instead of making general conversation when they notice you’re watching them.

Have they changed the passwords on all their email accounts and blocked you out? They may have a very good reason for doing this, one way to find out is to ask them.

Most people find it uncomfortable to tell lies, so watch them closely and see how they react to your questioning. If they can’t look you in the eye and look shifty then perhaps they’re not being totally honest with you.

If you suspect your partner of having an affair and using the computer to communicate with their lover, then you can check your computer’s ‘History’ section.

This will show you all the websites visited for a period of time, sometimes it’s a week, often it’s a few months depending on your browser. By searching through this list of websites visited you should be on the look for adult chat websites, pornographic websites, dating websites and so forth.

It could also be that when you check the ‘History’ section on your computer that it has been completely cleared showing no previous websites at all. This can be a strong indicator of a spouse or partner who has something to hide.

It goes without saying before who do any of these actions you have to be very sure you can handle the truth when you find out for certain one way or the other. But you may find it’s better to know one way or the other, than live your life always suspecting you’re living with a cheat.

Love Is This Strange Feeling You Get Inside

Love Is This Strange Feeling You Get Inside

Love is this strange feeling you get inside. The love that you feel for someone can’t be explained even if you try. Putting love into words may seem easy, but it can be complicated. Thinking of ways to express this feeling can take time, but it doesn’t matter because this feeling of love feels real.

In many ways you can be scared of losing what you’ve found, every day you need to constantly remind yourself that this is real, that it’s not the same as anything that you had experience in the past, and that this time the real thing has come along. As well as to constantly remind yourself not to screw up the wonderful thing that is happening at this moment of time. We all experience these types of fear. The fear of doing it wrong or the fear of losing the best thing that you’ve ever had.

In any case back to topic. The moment you feel real love, you feel happy, like you can do anything and (even better) do anything with that person. This type of feeling wants you to strive to be better than the person you were yesterday and every day you feel yourself moving more to become the person that you were always meant to be.

I know I’m babbling on about love and most people don’t believe in love or lost hope in love. Lots of choices were made and things have changed a lot over the years. I know this, because I’ve never been satisfied in my choices I’ve made, but in all the things that I’ve done wrong, I think one of my mistakes turned out to be the best decision I have ever made, because in that mistake I found the real feeling, the way it is supposed to be, the way everybody should experience it. Sometimes making a reckless decision in the heap of a moment can change your life completely. That is how I found my happiness; I can finally say I know what happiness feels like, without any hesitation.

Once upon a time I didn’t believe happiness existed, but believe me now when I say, happiness is out there and it might be looking for you right at this moment. But don’t just wait for it to find you, go out there, experience, and make choices until you walk into the happiness that was looking for you. Maybe, just maybe this feeling of love could be the story of my happily ever after.

How To Choose a Hobby You Will Both Love

best husband

Finding hobbies both you and your partner love can be somewhat difficult, especially if you two consider yourselves to be very different people. But with some perspective and analyze you will soon realize you are not so different after all. If you were, you would not have been attracted to each other.

Here is how you will find a hobby you will both love:

    • Talk about common interests – go out if you want to or simply have dinner at home and talk about things you like. Discover what things you got in common, such as nature, design or any other domain and take it from there.
    • Look for fun activities – search on the Internet, ask your friends or any other source what activities you can do together. Do not go for a boring one or something that the other might not fully enjoy. You want this activity to turn into your hobby and connect you two, not to break you apart or anything.
    • Invite your partner to enjoy a thing you like – kindly ask your partner to try a thing you enjoy. This does not mean that if your partner simply hates watching soap operas you should make him watch them with you. He might start hating them even more. And you might have a big fight over this. Be considerate regarding the activity you plan on sharing with your partner. Put yourself in his shoes. Would you like, as a woman, to be taken to a mechanic shop and put to work? As much as you hate it, your partner hates it too.
    • Respect your partner when he says no – always keep in mind that you are trying to find a common hobby, not to start an argument. In other words, if your partner simply says no to a possible hobby do not pressure him into doing it. It simply might not be his thing and there is no point in yelling at him for no reason. Accept his decision and find something else. There are plenty of things to choose from.
  • See what you have already experienced together – discover what you two have already done together. What were the things that brought you two together? You can always discover some link to your common habits and enjoy them as much as the other hobbies.

After you have completed all these steps, you are most likely to find a common hobby or more. If you found more, see which one is more important for you two, which one you would like to start doing right away. That is the one for you.

Finding common ground is a thing related with a deep analyze into your relationship. If you are able to communicate in the right way, you will find the common hobby you have been looking for. If your communication is bad, you will end up in an unfortunate situation.

Relationships: Is This Healthy?

Relationships Is This Healthy

It doesn’t matter whether it is marriage, friendship or casual relationship there are certain things that are important to observe in order to ensure that what you are involved in is healthy. Following are some ways to assess the health how you are doing:

1. Mutual investment – Some people are takers and others are givers. If you are always the giver, you might soon burn out or begin feeling resentful. A healthy relationship is one where both people give and take.

2. Honesty – When people lie to you then you don’t really know who they are and if you aren’t honest then they will soon lose trust. There are ways to speak truth in love.

3. Expectations – It isn’t good if you feel bound by “should”, “must” or “have to”. These can come from another person or actually come from inside you. Healthy relationships are not laced with guilt or based on “people-pleasing” only to avoid upsets.

4. Fun – It is important to laugh and enjoy the company of other people. When it isn’t fun anymore, there is a serious problem.

5. Trust Can you depend on the other person to do what they say they will do? Or do they have a habit or just giving you lip-service?

6. Boundaries – Know where you stop and the other person begins. This requires knowing and showing respect for each other.

7. Encouragement – Do you truly want the best for the other person? A healthy perspective is to be happy when the other person grows and does well.

8. Resolving conflict – People don’t usually break apart because of conflict. They break apart because they don’t know how to deal with conflict. Learn strategies for problem-solving and use them.

9. Communication – When you aren’t talking, there can be misunderstandings, feelings of loneliness and a lack of progress towards goals. Sometimes, however, relationships are so healthy that both individuals involved appreciate less frequent conversations. Know when silence is positive and when it is hurting the relationship.

10. Self-care – If you want to have good friends then you have to be a good friend. This means ensuring that you are healthy and interesting. No one person can meet another person’s needs so it is a good idea to find a number of ways and people to enhance your life.

Sometimes people get caught in an unhealthy relationship with one person and can’t seem to get out of it. They feel annoyed, sad or drained but worry about hurting the feelings of the other one so stay locked in. It is important to think about whether this is helping or harming you.

Perhaps having a conversation with the other person might help to re-establish healthy boundaries, resolve conflict or re-balance the input each of you contributes.

Psychologists are trained to help people deal with difficult situations. Book an appointment today and you will have made the first step towards healthy decision-making.