Love Is This Strange Feeling You Get Inside

Love Is This Strange Feeling You Get Inside

Love is this strange feeling you get inside. The love that you feel for someone can’t be explained even if you try. Putting love into words may seem easy, but it can be complicated. Thinking of ways to express this feeling can take time, but it doesn’t matter because this feeling of love feels real.

In many ways you can be scared of losing what you’ve found, every day you need to constantly remind yourself that this is real, that it’s not the same as anything that you had experience in the past, and that this time the real thing has come along. As well as to constantly remind yourself not to screw up the wonderful thing that is happening at this moment of time. We all experience these types of fear. The fear of doing it wrong or the fear of losing the best thing that you’ve ever had.

In any case back to topic. The moment you feel real love, you feel happy, like you can do anything and (even better) do anything with that person. This type of feeling wants you to strive to be better than the person you were yesterday and every day you feel yourself moving more to become the person that you were always meant to be.

I know I’m babbling on about love and most people don’t believe in love or lost hope in love. Lots of choices were made and things have changed a lot over the years. I know this, because I’ve never been satisfied in my choices I’ve made, but in all the things that I’ve done wrong, I think one of my mistakes turned out to be the best decision I have ever made, because in that mistake I found the real feeling, the way it is supposed to be, the way everybody should experience it. Sometimes making a reckless decision in the heap of a moment can change your life completely. That is how I found my happiness; I can finally say I know what happiness feels like, without any hesitation.

Once upon a time I didn’t believe happiness existed, but believe me now when I say, happiness is out there and it might be looking for you right at this moment. But don’t just wait for it to find you, go out there, experience, and make choices until you walk into the happiness that was looking for you. Maybe, just maybe this feeling of love could be the story of my happily ever after.

How To Choose a Hobby You Will Both Love

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Finding hobbies both you and your partner love can be somewhat difficult, especially if you two consider yourselves to be very different people. But with some perspective and analyze you will soon realize you are not so different after all. If you were, you would not have been attracted to each other.

Here is how you will find a hobby you will both love:

    • Talk about common interests – go out if you want to or simply have dinner at home and talk about things you like. Discover what things you got in common, such as nature, design or any other domain and take it from there.
    • Look for fun activities – search on the Internet, ask your friends or any other source what activities you can do together. Do not go for a boring one or something that the other might not fully enjoy. You want this activity to turn into your hobby and connect you two, not to break you apart or anything.
    • Invite your partner to enjoy a thing you like – kindly ask your partner to try a thing you enjoy. This does not mean that if your partner simply hates watching soap operas you should make him watch them with you. He might start hating them even more. And you might have a big fight over this. Be considerate regarding the activity you plan on sharing with your partner. Put yourself in his shoes. Would you like, as a woman, to be taken to a mechanic shop and put to work? As much as you hate it, your partner hates it too.
    • Respect your partner when he says no – always keep in mind that you are trying to find a common hobby, not to start an argument. In other words, if your partner simply says no to a possible hobby do not pressure him into doing it. It simply might not be his thing and there is no point in yelling at him for no reason. Accept his decision and find something else. There are plenty of things to choose from.
  • See what you have already experienced together – discover what you two have already done together. What were the things that brought you two together? You can always discover some link to your common habits and enjoy them as much as the other hobbies.

After you have completed all these steps, you are most likely to find a common hobby or more. If you found more, see which one is more important for you two, which one you would like to start doing right away. That is the one for you.

Finding common ground is a thing related with a deep analyze into your relationship. If you are able to communicate in the right way, you will find the common hobby you have been looking for. If your communication is bad, you will end up in an unfortunate situation.