Dating – Perfecting the Perfect Pitch

Every cracker-jack salesman has a “Perfect Elevator Pitch”. Every serious dater should have one too. Coach yourself into learning how to speak to yourself about others. After all you have to attract partners and only you can “sell” yourself.

    • An elevator pitch is a skill every serious salesman or business person needs. Learn how to create it, rehearse it and tailor it for a specific audience.
    • One of the most important things a dater can do – especially when you are selling yourself – is to learn how to speak about yourself to others. Perfect the fundamental skill of being able to sum up your unique aspects in a way that excites others. Cross cultural dating contacts can be enhanced immeasurably by espousing such techniques. Yet many a forlourne dater pays little attention to developing their very own “elevator pitch”. It must be a quick, to the point and sum up your unique personality.
    • Your “dating pitch” should take no longer than an elevator ride and it should be taken seriously indeed for it is not the time to have a casual approach. It must be a vital time to reach a new male or female, in the minimum amount of time, with a winning message. Obviously you will probably not be doing the projection of yourself in an elevator but even if your meeting is a pre-planned, face to face event, you should still be able to capture your target’s attention quickly.
    • Keep your approach fresh!
    • Through time your personality changes and just as every business grows and changes, so do you. You may have all the tricks of the trade such as a stunning website with the most creative and original logo with dazzling photos but if your dating pitch is out of date, you will be missing one of your most important opportunities to “brand” yourself! You know your inner secrets better than anyone else and you are abreast of your latest nuances that put you apart from your latest competition. Can you speak about yourself and the quality behind yourself in a way that is relevant to your future plans? Keep abreast of what your target’s expectations and needs and make sure that you adapt your language and your approach and what you choose to highlight to that person at a particular time. For example what used to work in print in the past may be thoroughly boring in the current spoken word. Don’t let your dating pitch grow stale.
    • Learn how to spark excitement and interest when you communicate with the opposite sex. What should you highlight? What should you discard and leave out? What should you change according to the person that you are honing in on?
    • Always be prepared to change! Confuscius said that there is nothing so certain as change so you must not get too comfortable with what was working in the past, as it may become redundant and irrelevant in the present/future. The person you are talking to may suddenly change the goalposts and disappear before you have a chance to recover and think of something else. You may not get the chance to speak to that particular person for a year or even more, with disastrous anguish and consequences. Make use of this “dead” time to find out more about your quarry. Adjust your pitch to the person who is listening to you and refine it as changes inevitably come about.
    • Listen to other people’s “not so perfect” pitches and learn from them. Think out why they are defective and how they can be improved. Use what you find out, to improve your own dating pitch. Remember to be honest at all times.
    • Continually perfect your dating pitch on an ongoing basis to ensure that you are always able to put your best foot forward as you grow and change.
  • Of course, at times cross cultural dating may be a little more “difficult” because of prejudices and you will have to find further ways of working around this difficulty, if it should arise.