How to Catch Your Partner If They’re Having an Affair

You’ve had a sneaky suspicion for a while that your partner is having an affair and being unfaithful. You haven’t done anything about it as you’re scared it might be true and you’d have to face up to the fact he or she is playing away with someone else.

But the thing is, are you going to just leave things as they are and never know if they are cheating on you, or are you going to do something about it?

You may take the easy route and just ignore the situation and hope it goes away, but most partners need to know the truth and can’t stand the thought of being made a fool of, so most decide to take action and look for proof.

This can either put your mind to rest if you don’t find any evidence, or on the other hand, it can break your heart if your suspicions turn out to be true.

So, how do you go about finding the proof of their affair?

You could consider hiring a private detective if you’ve got money to spare. But their professional fees can be expensive, especially if it’s a lengthy process and they can’t find any evidence immediately of your partner’s cheating activities.

If you’re like most people and just don’t have the funds to pay a detective then why not do some investigating yourself?

The best place to start is with your partner’s cell phone. Very few people let their cell phones out of their sight, and I’m betting your partner isn’t any different. This method of communication is especially popular with individuals conducting illicit affairs who need total privacy.

As phone companies are required to log all calls you’ll find it quite easy to go into the settings section of the phone. There you’ll see the numbers received and the ones being sent. It shouldn’t take you too long to make a note of these numbers and see some kind of pattern.

Often cheating spouses call their lovers at very odd times, either very early in the morning and/or very late at night after the family has gone to bed. So, even if you can’t work out who the suspicious number belongs to, you’ll see the times of day the number has been called. This is generally a strong indication something isn’t quite right.

Also, be wary if they change the way they are billed for their cell phone. For example, if they normally receive a paper version of the bill delivered to their home by post, then all of a sudden they decide to change their account to the online billing method only, without any explanation, then this can also be further proof they are trying to hide something from you.