What Are Your Relationships Like?

What Are Your Relationships Like??

Since this is the month of love and celebrating love, I thought I would put a different spin on the whole relationship thing. We tend to think of relationships in the sense of life partners, family and friends, and while they are all very important, we need to start expanding our views on the subject.

We have relationships with literally everything in the world, including and not limited to our thoughts, our fears, money, material things, and spiritual connection. Everything we do and accomplish is based on our relationship with that thing. Every struggle we have is directly related to our relationship with what ever it is we are struggling with.

How do we break down what our relationship is to things? We ask ourselves some key questions about it. For example, lets take money.

What is my relationship with money? How do I feel about money? What are my core beliefs about money? Where did I learn about money? What was this person’s financial picture like? How do I treat money? What stories do I tell myself and others about money?

The answers to these questions will bring you to the truth about your relationship with money. In order to change your struggle with money, simply make the changes in your relationship with it, and your situation will change. It is much like cut and paste. Cut out the old relationship and paste in a new healthy relationship.

It will take some time to create this new habit and belief system, but the effort is more than worth it. You can use affirmations to remind yourself of this new information and begin to believe it. You can make a game of it, or write our your new experiences with money, or even your dreams about what you will do with all the new money. In fact the more fun you make the habit building the easier it is and the quicker it happens. Life is meant to be fun don’t you know.

Another important aspect about relationships is to remember they are all about choices. We can choose to have a relationship with someone/something or not to. We can choose a healthy relationship, or an unhealthy one. We can choose to work at one, or throw it away. Every choice we make has an outcome, a consequence so to speak. At any point in time we can choose to change our relationship simply by changing the choises we are making in regards to it. In the end, life is very simple, not easy, but simple. It is us that complicate it.

How can we change our choices surrounding a relationship with a life partner? Choose to say loving, supportive things to this person. Choose to change the things about you that are blocking the relationship from flourishing. Choose to put effort into being the best you. Choose to put effort into being the best partner. Choose to put effort into the relationship.

You can accomplish anything as long as you are in the right relationship with it. Only your restrictions stop you from having those healthy relationships. Cut yourself free, make the healthy choices. We are already making choices about our relationships, why not make them count??

Jenn Prothero, owner of Spiritual Sparkles Healing Center, an angel therapy practitioner, reiki practitioner, and crystal healer. I enjoy empowering people to live the life of their dreams, to assist them in letting go of the past and moving forward into a brighter future.

New services offered include crystal singing bowls guided meditation. The benefits of these sessions range from pain relief, to over coming learning disabilities, to alleviating sleeping disorders and releasing core beliefs. These sessions are available privately or in a group setting, also available for couples. I can assist you with healing your relationships from the inside out.